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Question   Someone has been snaping often
Hello Tracy,
Your site has grown so much. You will be buying another camera soon because you will wear out the one you have now.
Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing some new photos soon.

-  March 15, 2007

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Question   great pics
my dearest Tracy, This was a awesome display, of what we both know is your true talent. this website is truley great. I will share this with all I can. keep up the great work, and most of all have fun doing it. simply awesome pictures. I really enjoyed the web site

-  February 26, 2007

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Question   Great stuff
Just to say I really enjoyed both the variety and creativity in your galleries.

Thanks for letting me peek

- Tony Simms May 05, 2006

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Question   Beautiful Pictures

Beautiful pictures Tracy. Keep up the good work!!!



-  December 29, 2005

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Question is about time, "Red"!
Hey there Red, Super...just freak'in Super site! I am so glad that your many talents have finally surfaced and that we can all now see your many abilities (in color and black & white) brought out for all to enjoy!
I wish you nothing but sweet success
in whatever you do, with a camera or otherwise! Stay well, Tracy.

-  December 04, 2005

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